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Musiikkikoulu Lentoon!

We are a small, private music school in Oulu that provides lessons for piano, classical and electric guitar, ukulele and singing, both classical and pop&jazz style. Eepu Sankilampi is the leader of the school who teaches piano. Other teachers are Anniina Tuomela (piano, classical singing), Inka-Erika Keltto (piano, ukulele playschool, pop&jazz singing), Kaisa Nissi (piano) and Samu Väisänen (guitars, ukulele). The location of our school is in Ritaharju, Talatie 17 B 3. Eepu teaches some of her lessons also in her home in Oinaansuo.

The prices for individual lessons (18 weeks in spring 2022)

20 min lessons: 160€+200€ (20€ /lesson)

30 min lessons: 192€+240€ (24€ /lesson)

45 min lessons: 272€+340€ (34€ /lesson)

The terms and conditions

If you want to start lessons in our music school, just send email to and ask for free slots. The best chance to find a suitable time for you is in august, when we start autumn semester. Though, you can enrol to our lessons at anytime throughout the year. If you start the semester later than it started, you pay only for the weeks that are left. For autumn semester 2021 we have had enrolment by paying an enrolment fee in advance. 

After the enrolment fee we charge the lessons twice in semester. If you want to stop the lessons during the semester, please inform us two weeks before the autumn or spring holiday weeks (weeks 43 and 10) so we have time to find new student to fill the slot and you don´t have to pay the remaining half of the semester.

If you can´t come to your lesson, unfortunately we do not replace it. We can have the lessons also online, via zoom, if you like. In case you feel any symptoms of illness but still feel that you are able attend lessons, we can have the lesson online, or send videos from student to teacher and vice versa. Please inform your teacher at the latest in the same morning if you wish to have your lesson online. If the covid-19 situation gets so bad that we have to stop teaching face-to-face, we will change our lessons to online lessons for that time.

If your teacher must cancel your lesson, she/he will provide it later. Just schedule the time that suits you both.

Weeks 10 and 43 are holiday weeks, no lessons.

If you have anything else in your mind, please do not hesitate to ask: and 0449990670.